Customer Testimonials

Mike was referred to me by a friend. Mike promptly came to my home and I asked him to trim my Beech tree so I could get more sunlight to grow grass. Mike carefully examined the tree and recommended removal. He said he noticed some problem areas in the upper canopy. I gave him the go ahead to take the tree down. After the tree was removed, he showed me a hollowed out tree cavity that was unnoticeable to me. I'm glad the tree was removed. I live not too far from the same type of tree that crashed across Silhavy Rd this winter that knocked out my power.

Club Count Resident Valparaiso

I had a towering 44ft Red Oak tree leaning up against my upper deck patio. I hired Mike to remove the tree and he saved me over $2000 on another estimate.

Long Lake Retired Pastor

On a hot stormy July night, a large limb broke off and landed across my garage, blocking my door where my cars were. Mike was the only one to return my call and come out late evening to remove the limb. - Dave

Chesterton Home Owner

I lost a large Elm tree from a winter storm. Mike removed the tree without over-charging me. -Mike Kelogg

Retired Famous Christian Radio Talk Show Host

Over the past two years, Mike has removed over 100 Ash trees in our manufactured communities in very close proximity to homes safely and efficiently. -Doug Williamsburg Manor

Sante Font Properties

While on vacation in Florida a neighbor called to tell us that a very large tree blew over onto our boat and dock. There was no access with any equipment. Mike removed the tree without any damage to our landscaping.

Shorewood Home Owner

I have a huge investment of time and money into my landscaping. My trees are extremely valuable and Mike has been the contractor I trust for pruning. - Mike Leeland

Walden Subdivision Retired Surgeon

Indiana Dunes Potato Creek and Tippecanoe River State Park

We hired Mike to remove a very large tree buried through the rafters on a 2-car garage after a tornado passed through Chesterton. Mike quickly and safely removed the tree without any further damage to the super structure. - John

Restore Tech Preferred State Farm Insurance Contractor Vender

Emergency tree work at Mult. Million Train wreck site. Jackson Twp. Jan 17, 2012 Videlte Times "Off the Rails"


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